Can Pregnancy Cause Sciatica?
By King Chiropractic
September 09, 2014
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What is sciatica? It’s the overarching term for back pain caused by the sciatic nerve. But a pinched or injured sciatic nerve causes more than back pain. The back pain typically extends into the hip, buttocks, and leg; thus, the lower back pain usually affects one leg. Two common causes of sciatica are a herniated disk and degenerative arthritis of the spine. There is also the fact that sciatica can develop during pregnancy. 

How Long Do Sciatica Symptoms Last? 

Sciatica symptoms can appear off and on, and the duration of symptoms entirely depends on your activity level and other lifestyle choices. In many cases, overextending the muscles can cause your sciatic nerve to become irritated; even sitting down in the wrong position can cause symptoms to flare up. 

How Should I Handle Sciatica During Pregnancy? 

This is a question many women who are pregnant inquire about. Many people can treat symptoms with over-the-counter or prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. 
An at-home remedy you can try is a new resting position. When you need to relax your feet and back, try lying on your side. This may lighten how much pressure the uterus puts on the sciatic nerve. You can also try these tips: 
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time 
  • Don’t lift heavy objects
  • Apply warm and cold compresses to the lower back
If you are pregnant and the back pain and tingling is becoming uncomfortable to handle, we recommend you get a professional opinion. After an exam and review of your medical history, it’ll be easier to suggest what will alleviate the pain. 
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