Don't Let Injuries Keep You Off the Field
By King Chiropractic
November 03, 2017
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Have a sports injury? Physical activity is good for you, but sometimes you can injure yourself when you work out or play sports. A sports injurieschiropractor can get you back in the game. A chiropractor can help treat sports injuries. If treated properly, your injury will heal well, allowing you to return to physical activity. King Chiropractic in Gaithersburg, Urbana, Potomac, and Clarksburg, MD, offers treatments for sports injuries.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports or exercising. Sports injuries can be caused by a number of different factors. Being aware of the risk factors goes a long way in preventing them. Accidents, improper gear, or poor training practices can cause injuries. Not stretching enough or warming up can also lead to injuries. To reduce the risk of being injured while exercising or playing sports, ask a qualified health professional or sports coach for training and safety advice. 

Types of Sports Injuries

The most common sports injuries are fractures, back injuries, dislocations, rotator cuff injuries, strains and sprains, and knee injuries. Acute traumatic injuries are things like sprains, strains, cuts, and fractures. They usually happen after a force or blow— like wiping out while skateboarding or getting tackled in football. Overuse injuries include things like stress fractures. These injuries happen over time, usually from repetitive training, like overhand running, throwing, or serving a ball in tennis.

Sports Injury Diagnosis

Chiropractors evaluate the spine as a whole—regardless of whether you have a sports injury or back pain. Your chiropractor will start with a physical examination, then follow it with an exam that focuses on your entire spine, with attention given to the area of complaint. In addition to the exam, you will also go through your medical history with your doctor, and he may order x-rays or other imaging tests to confirm a diagnosis.

Treatments for Sports Injuries in Gaithersburg, Urbana, Potomac, and Clarksburg

Chiropractors physically manipulate the vertebrae of the spine and neck to treat sports injuries. The goal is to correct alignment problems, alleviate pain, and support the body's natural ability to heal itself. Your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that may combine more than one type of treatment, depending on your personal needs. Treatment for a sports injury may include ice and heat, chiropractic adjustments, medication, physical therapy, and range of motion exercises.

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